Where does Chapters & Pages meet?

Members meet at: 

Tottenberry’s Private School and Day Care 

7302 Broadway, Pearland, TX 77581

Are the parents obligated to stay during the meeting?

Parents are welcome to but definitely not required to stay during the meeting. We as educators are certified and trained to keep children safe, secure, and comfortable at all times.  

How often does Chapters and Pages Meet?

Chapters and Pages members meet four times a month (once a week).

How many books are read each month?

One book is read each month. Members have the option to choose between two books each month.

Who leads the weekly discussions?

The discussions are led only by certified educators who understand the objectives or Texas Education Knowledge of Skills that are correlated with reading.

What will be discussed?

Topic discussions will include but are not limited to: unfamiliar or multiple meaning words, character traits and interaction, summarization, figurative language such as similes and metaphors, sequence of events, plot, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and our favorite; personal feelings towards certain parts of the book.

Upon joining Chapters and Pages, parents will receive documents stating the amount of pages required to be read weekly along with a book mark in which members can use to take notes for additional topics they would like to confer about.

How are the books selected?

The books are selected based on research of the authors’ creative ability, status of the book, and reviews.

Who are good candidates to join?

Chapters and Pages is designed for children in grades 2-6. Members will meet based on book selection as our focus is motivating comprehension through organized conversation, regardless of grade level.

For younger or older readers, feel free to contact us via phone or email to discuss further options.

How will kids at different reading levels be able to converse with one another?

Because our meetings are led by certified educators, they have been trained to pull ELA Objectives/TEKS across all grade levels (2-6) from the State of Texas curriculums. They will mix/match the essential words from the different grade levels to lead the discussions and ensure all members are comfortable with sharing.

How can Chapters and Pages benefit my child?

Chapters and Pages will benefit your child by presenting interesting reads which will promote deeper thinking and allow them to grow the capacity to be able to converse intelligently on numerous topics. This book club will absolutely improve your child as a reader and speaker for their future.

How is Chapters and Pages different from other book clubs?

Chapters and Pages was created by an educator who has a love for reading and is extremely passionate about children’s comprehension. This book club allows face to face interaction, one on one motivation, personal perspectives, innovative ways to understand unfamiliar words, and so much more.

What if my child is already an excellent reader or perhaps a struggling reader?

Whether your child is an excellent or struggling reader, you are in the perfect place. This book club is for any and everyone who is interested in reading, comprehending, discussing what they read, the feelings they had while reading, and the questions that aroused while getting into the chapters and pages of the book they chose for the month.


For any additional questions, please contact us via phone or email.